03 October 2006

LIttle Fuzzy Sheeps

The Lawdog is having an interesting discussion with some commentators who are butt-ignorant of all things combat- and crime-related and devoid of common sense.

He starts by quoting LTC(ret) Cooper here. The good Colonel is calling for self-reliance and everyone to have the ability to defend himself or herself, by pointing out that even if you have bodyguards, they aren't going to be guarding your body all the time.

Here, Lawdog amplifies and clarifies what he meant.

Again, Lawdog makes the same point with new illustrations.

I can't say it much better than Lawdog. Cops and other 'professionals' only make up a certain percentage of the population and can only be in so many places as once. Have the capability to prevent the Socially Disadvantaged Youth to take advantage of you, or it will eventually happen.
This leads to amplification and clarification on precisely what it takes to defend yourself. Even if you don't wish to own a gun, a Combat Mindset and a masterlock beats someone who has a gun and expects to wave it like a magic wand and the problem will be solved.

With a combat-oriented mindset, you step away from being a sheep and towards being a sheep dog. And the name of the game is making it much more dangerous to be a wolf--extra dogs on duty help.


Anonymous cMAD said...

Valid, but incomplete, reasoning.

First, the argument that you need to be able to defend yourself leaves the question unanswered what to do about people who can't defend themselves (Amish schoolchildren come to mind).

Second, a combat mindset drills in response patterns of armed violence. I'm guessing that a combat mindset is kind of a nuisance if you try to have a good night's sleep (probably you know from experience whether this is true or not). If you get haunted by your own demons, a combat mindset (and deadly weapons within reach) may result in a messier response. It probably makes more of a difference if you're not a professional (but, say, a milkman).

Third, being armed helps against Socially Disadvantaged Youth taking advantaged of you. Doesn't help a whole lot against Socially Advantaged Elders in a position of authority. This is a threat that may be less immediate, but which is nonetheless just as existentially threatening.

In any case, demonizing weapons or people who use them professionally doesn't help.

2:45 AM  

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