20 December 2009

Eclectic Political Posting

And the beat goes on in regard to Climategate -- now the Russians are saying that their data--that is to say, the data from the largest land area on the Earth--was selectively edited to pick and choose only those weather stations that showed a warming effect.

The Environmental Movement is acting more and more like a shake-down artist, and the true costs of high-flown pledges is becoming more and more evident...

Some fundamental questions have not been asked. If we are trying to 'adjust' the world's climate deliberately, by cutting carbon emissions (that I doubt have a statistically noticeable impact), then we must have a goal in mind. What carbon levels and global temperatures are we believing to be ideal? Little Ice Age temperatures? 1850 temps? Medieval Warming Period temperatures? I've yet to get an coherent answer.

An amusing spin on "eco-ninnies" provides half an answer about the roots of this environmental nonsense, almost tongue in cheek though the paper is real enough..

More immediately interesting is this article discussing Mike Yon's story on Kandahar Province. Next month this becoming personally relevant. I cannot add much to Mike's analysis, but here's another commentary piece at Small Wars Journal. Meanwhile, it seems the Special Forces are getting busy on the Taliban's leadership. Another SWJ piece discusses a more radical solution to the apparent lesson of history that Afghanistan is neither a functional state nor a nation.

Why China can't give up Tibet. It's a year old, but the facts of geography don't change much, and demographics don't really change quickly either.

Not much more crossing my horizon of interest that really need written about. Got a post brewing on chivalry and such, will have to write that eventually.


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