16 April 2008


In roughly 90 minutes I'll be closing up shop for two days (approx) as I'm going to BNCOC at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I have been told there is internet access in the billets, but I don't have my hands on a class schedule and will not at this time make any guess as to whether or not I will have time to blog.

But some food for thought,

Blackfive has released the story on yet another story of how we are committing war crimes galore. Horrible, horrible. There should be a 24/7 media circus until the perpetrators are brought to justice.


Mike Yon writes on the surge, and Blackfive writes on Mike Yon's opinion. The Blemont Club's article is on the Blackfive article, and thus the Blogosphere Turns.

Badger 6 takes aim at the media and the unqualified idiots they permit to dribble on their editorial page.

Finally, at least on Iraq, the AP reports Iraq is negotiating a Status of Forces Agreement and other arrangments to normalize our relationship with the Iraqi Government as a sovereign state, rather than as an army of occupation of a defeated enemy. This is putting the diplomatic window-dressing on the reality of the situation, which is that Iraq is our greatest ally in the fight against AQI, JAM, and the other groups which seek to overthrow the Iraqi Government. So it's time we started treating them formally as allies.

In politics, Obama stepped on his training aid. This is a Howard Dean "Aaargh" moment. He showed his true colors here--Harvard-educated elitist bastard who thinks all white middle-class folks who have religious faith or carry firearms are some sort of. . .

Well, let me use his words.

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Yeah. Nice one, Barak Hussein Obama. Way to make voters like you. You remember those, right? Voters? The folks who pull levers in booths to pick you to be President or not? But like many politicos nowdays, Barak Hussein Obama has forgotten that we exist, preferring to pander to his big-money donors and party bigwigs (wait a minute, wasn't he the post-political-party change-hope-future-believe candidate?) and he believes what they believe, not what normal middle class voters believe.

The Wall Street Journal says this is normative among Ivy League liberals who believe that by virtue of their wealth, alleged education, and "enlightened" liberal views, they are superior to those huddled masses who cling to 'God and guns" as an opiate provided by Karl Rove.

Just One Minute has a healthy collection of links to the fallout from this story and the scrambling in the Barak Hussein Obama camp to attempt to redefine it.

Was Barak Hussein Obama quoted out of context? I don't know, let's ask him to elaborate on the theme.

Doesn't look out of context to me. Looks like he's hitting that theme over and over. h/t hot air. This is NOT going to be a winner, if you ask me. "America sucks, and I'm bitter and I know you're bitter! Bitterness all around!"

Rachel Lucas has more commentary.


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