31 March 2008

Eternal Memory

SSG Keith "Matt" Maupin, USAR was confirmed Killed in Action based on DNA testing of a set of remains recovered last week.

POW Network
Associated Press
Yahoo News
Michelle Malkin
NB: Michelle Malkin actually gets SSG Maupin's rank right, unlike the AP. Isn't that telling?
Blackfive - post from 2005 on the Maupin family's donation of computers to a computer center in Iraq.
Columbus Dispatch
Patriot Guard - It does not surprise me that Mr. Maupin is also an active Patriot Guard Rider.

It is something that few outside the Armed Forces understand, and almost no foreigner comprehends, but the United States does not leave our fallen behind. Even when we know they are dead (and if you don't show up after a week or two, the odds are pretty good), we never stop looking. There are teams still poking through the jungles of South East Asia, and recently the DoD sent a team to a remote area of the Himalayas in India looking for some transport aircraft that went down "flying the Hump" during WWII. It is a commitment intended to sustain all United States fighting men when cut off, surrounded, lost, or captured.

We have fulfilled out commitment to SSG Maupin and his family.

I will never accept defeat
I will never quit

I will never leave a fallen comrade


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