07 December 2006

Nothing much to write about

Commemoration of St. Ambrose of Milan

Jen was asking why I havn't updated as often.

Well, I really don't have much to write about. I went to a memorial service this morning for someone who name didn't ring a bell when I first heard about his death, but when I saw his photo, I realized that yes, I did know him slightly. On the way back, some idiot shot at us with an RPG that didn't come within 10 meters of any of our trucks and didn't detonate when it did land.

Yesterday, a popular and highly respected officer from Brigade headquarters was killed, along with the new Brigade PAO and the gunner on the vehicle they were in.

There's lots of foofraw about the Iraq Study Group Report. I've downloaded it and will actually read the entire thing before commenting on it. Anyone who had "analysis" the same day it was released did nothing more than read the Executive Summary and either praise it or pan it depending on how it linked up with the preconcieved nothings. Already most of the criticism I've read is that it neither said, "Withdraw now" nor provided a Magic Bullet to make things perfect overnight. Boo-frickin-hoo.

It's getting harder, at least for myself, to stay motivated when every bit of news I can see from the US is a constant drumbeat of "Iraq is hopeless, our troops are wasting their time and dying for nothing, civil war, the insurgents are right, blahblahblah". So I'm pretty much ignoring most of the news.

At the rate things are going, the Antiwar Movement can hold their 3K casualty parties sometime next month.

I feel like I should post something fascinating and "obscure" about St. Ambrose of Milan, since he's one of the few Westerners who really 'got it' but my heart's just not in it this morning.


Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

I'm sorry, John.

I love you and I wish that I could make things better.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are plenty of folks at home who know that the MSM's product is seldom connected to the truth. The job you're doing is worthwhile, and we know it. Hold fast to the truth.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Karl Gallagher said...

I agree completely on the news. And I'm glad they missed you. My condolences on the comrades you lost. I'll say an extra prayer for you.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous 'o_foruse_o' said...

How about saying something about today, as an Anniversary...

December 7th, 1941

And what followed, from that day.

Back when a lot of home-side folks did know what was going on. Did have to help with the War effort. Did so. [Well, yes, even then, some didn't but... I always say this up-front, before someone points it out to me. :-( ]

But I choose to remember those, who _did_ help in whatever way they could.

_Would_ that this was so, _today_.


7:19 PM  
Anonymous 'o_foruse_o' said...

I don't know if Blogger screwed me up, with posting, as it said that "something was reset, during..." I'll just put the link... again. You can not post this, if my first one made it through.


7:22 PM  
Anonymous Karl Gallagher said...

Here's some comments from someone who read it, or at least claimed to. He suggests skipping the first half and just reading the recommendations.

7:55 PM  

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