23 November 2006


I am responding to a number of comments in one central location.

Yes, I am aware that there are people with some criminal records in the Armed Forces. They require a waiver, which means that they managed to convince someone that they really have turned their lives around. In one case I recall from Ft. Hood, the Soldier was turned down until he went to community college, earned an associate's degree, and then returned to the recruiting station and was accepted. This I am cool with. I am unconvinced we could remain this picky in the case of a draft.

Regarding the disposition of the IA and IP. Yes, some elements would be rolled into a combined Shia army/militia/random bunch of assholes with AKs. Others would quietly become Peshmerga again. But those who were honestly trying to do their job the right way (and anyone with the 'nads to be Iraqi Army or IP in al-Anbar has got their hearts in the right zip code, at least) would either die or flee.

Regarding the imposition of Sharia and the wishes of the majority of the Iraqi population. Are you frickin' retarded? Please name one nation in the entire Middle East (other than Israel) whose government has more than a passing resemblance to the one that would make the "majority" of their inhabitants happy. In case you have been hiding under a rock since the 7th century AD, governments in the Middle East are set up at the point of sword (muzzle of gun in the last 150 years or so) and maintained that way. The desires of the "majority" of the population have less to do with it than the desires of 30 randomly selected penguins in Antartica.

Regarding certain people's luuuuv for America or otherwise. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Suck it up,. I notice you couldn't get a job in Europe (maybe because Europe's socialized economy is moribund) despite your vaunted education, and you don't have the balls to try the Third World. Criticize the teat you're sucking on all you like, but please don't tell yourself no one notices the hypocritical bullshit you spew is content-null when viewed in the context of your actions.

Funny how I remove comment moderation and all of a sudden I've got the Communist Manifesto in my comments section.

The observant will note that this is not a coincidence. I deliberately pulled moderation after making a military/political post just to satisfy my curiosity regarding my decision to moderate comments. Seems that, like locks, moderation keeps troll honest.

Finally, regarding the essential fairness of the American economic system:

Our counteroffer of $74,000 was accepted. Some time next month, this Buck Sergeant and my waiting-tables-while-working-on-a-degree wife are going to become landowners. On a 7.62 acre piece of property.

How would that work in Europe? Do tell.

The American Dream [tm] may be harder to achieve than it was when you went and cut down the trees on a piece of land and it was then yours, but it is still within reach. I love this country.

VDH would have something trenchant to say on the subject of land-owning linedogs being the core of Western military tradition. I just think it rocks.


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