06 November 2006

Who is joining the military these days?


Not many surprises for people who actually deal with Soldiers, but I'm sure this sort of information would come as a huge surprise to the junior senator from Mass. if he bothered to do any research before opening his mouth.

"From 2003 to 2005, the representation of the highest-income quintile rose 0.68 percentage point, from 22.17 percent to 22.85 percent. As conflict in Iraq continues, youth from wealthy areas continue to volunteer for duty despite increased risk. Addition­ally, over the course of these three recruit years, representation from the poorest quintile has decreased dramatically. The representation among recruits of the lowest-income quintile fell nearly a full percentage point, from 14.61 percent in 2003 to 13.66 percent in 2005."

"The previous study noted the significant differ­ence between the national recruit high school grad­uation rate of 98 percent and the national youth graduation rate of 75 percent. This strong distinc­tion continues among the 2004 and 2005 recruits when compared to the national educational attain­ment levels reported by the Census 2004 American Community Survey (ACS)."

"The military defines a “high quality” recruit as one who has scored above the 50th percentile on the AFQT and has a high school diploma. The percentage of high-quality recruits has increased from 57 percent in 2001 to 64 percent in 2005 (67 percent in 2004),[10] indicating not only that the military is accepting intelligent and well-educated recruits, but also that the representa­tion of these recruits has increased strongly since the 9/11 terrorist attacks."


Anonymous nerdasaaurus said...

I believe I pointed out this study some number of months ago. That being said, it is a waste of bandwidth to argue facts against strongly held opinions.

I tried to have a discussion with a (lefty) cow-orker this last weekend. I pointed out that leftists DON'T have discussions...they don't analyze nor take a single thought to its conclusion. Facts supporting alternate views are ignored. All we rightys get are long screeds and rants, instead of discussion. He then gave me a 20 minute rant on how he is TOO SMART AND TOO COURTEOUS TO RANT FOR 20 MINUTES. The rant covered everything from the 2000 election to Naval strategy in the Persian Gulf. I don't think he stopped to breathe the whole time. I just sat quietly (and politely) and let him rant until he ran out of thoughts. It really didn't take very long.

Rants have a place in society, but not in conversations.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous cMAD said...

Ironically, I considered this blog a very good counterexample, in particular after a.b.t-c got drowned in excrement from one cross posting cyberterrorist from Hawaii.

Then the Decurion switched on comment moderation.

(Admittedly, there are more important considerations than Freedom of Speech in this blog, like, that John doesn't lose sleep over his blog).

9:54 PM  

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