28 October 2006

One thing I will say about Mr. Hajji

He may be a murderous psychopathic terrorist who blows up little kids because he hasn't got the stones to take us on head-on, but. . .

There are days when I think I have more in common with him than I do with some civilians back home. At least he knows what he stands for, what he stands against, and what he will kill or die for.

Your average American wouldn't sacrifice anything for anything but the Almighty Dollar, and would gleefully ignore his God, his family, and his country in pursuit of the same.

There's a reason the surreality of Iraq seems more rational and real than the pure artificiality of the States.


Anonymous cMAD said...

Your average American wouldn't sacrifice anything for anything but the Almighty Dollar, and would gleefully ignore his God, his family, and his country in pursuit of the same.

... whereas the owner of your average dollar (same people, same money, very different statistical weight) would sacrifice anything for getting more dollars, as long as it doesn't already belong to him.
That includes you.

Meanwhile, the civilians back home live in an illusion of peace, security, prosperity, and freedom. It's actually a quite convincing illusion, as long as you don't start asking the wrong questions (i.e. the ones that would threaten your regular income). For practical matters, the illusion is quite real, at least for most of the people, most of the time.
That includes me.

Neither my relative comfort, nor anyone else's over here, is quite important enough for you to kill or die for.

What is important enough (well, in my opinion, only you can decide this) is that you can enjoy your life in peace, security, prosperity, and freedom, in the place and with the people of your choosing.
This is going to be hard to achieve, because you have experienced how much of an illusion life back home actually is - much more than I will ever be forced to experience. In this respect, you'll never be a civilian again, because you have a different sense of reality. And you will threaten their lack of a sense of reality.

Then again, there are some real people back home worth returning to. Not a whole lot of them, but enough to matter. One of them's first name is Jen, and the last name is yours.

I understand you like role playing games. In due course you will learn to enjoy the most popular one, too: "Living in the United States of America". It's an illusion alright, but it is one worth to kill and die for.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Zero Ponsdorf said...

linked and quoted at OWD

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a bit harsh, John. Most people aren't interested in putting themselves in physical danger, but many are willing to sacrifice time, money, and effort for one reason or another. A woman who leaves her job to be a mom; a couple who looks after a homeless guy or provides a bedroom for a pregnant girl; a man who's only grossing $25K a year but still gives $2500 to his church; the woman who spends every Saturday picking up litter around the lake. It's not the same intensity as you're going through--and we realize that, and appreciate you!--but remember that you're fighting for people who...are worth fighting for.
We pray for you continuously.

12:02 AM  
Blogger Hisdudeness said...

I agree with cmad has said. The most important being, that once you have seen how others live around the world, ones view of America and the American way of life is forever tarnished. A soldier, the ones that are on the ground and see the things the media will never show, will forever be a soldier. Look into the eyes of one of those soldiers, the 19 year old combat vet. Some of which have 2 or more tours. You will most likely see someone who has had the world they where fed in school crushed. Most soldiers have decided that they wish to shoulder the burden of the crushed view of the American way of life, so that others will not have to see how fragile reality is. So that the ones they love will not have to see the things they have seen.

In my opinion, that is worth dying for. And I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I have served with many of them, I grew up with some of them, and I keep in touch with as many as I can. But, cmad is right. The choice is each and every Americans to make. Is that not what America is founded on, personal freedoms.
John is also right in regards to the average American. I’m 28 years old and have never felt so out of touch with the world as when I go to classes. I joined the Army right out of HS and finished my 8 yrs and deployed 5 times. The kids today live in that illusionary world that cmad mentions. A world where they suck in everything the media puts out, that is if they even pay attention to the world around them. They take for granted freedoms that they have no idea how those freedoms where given to them.

I do not believe John is being too harsh. He should be even more so. Americans have learned nothing from what is right in front of them. Iraq’s are will to die to vote, the first right vote they have had in decades. But you can not bother Americans to vote because they are too busy earning the Almighty Dollar. Americans need to wake up. The WWI view that America has about “ending all wars” is a farce, it will never happen. Humans fight, we have for thousands of years. And we just get better at it. That view that got us in WWI did only one thing: guaranty that we would keep fighting.

I guess that is my 2 cents, I will shut up now.

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Supe said...

There is truth in that Americans may not always know what they stand for, but you lost me with the rest of that rant.

Hajji has plenty of stones. What he lacks is the superior firepower to face us head on or things would be even uglier.

I'm not sure where the "will only scarifice for the almighty dollar" part came from either. Heck, quite a few Americans don't want to sacrifice even for that!

I kinda-sorta-but-not-really almost see where this came from. There is definitely a disconnect between reality and the average American's perception of the world and how it works. It is so easy to think that if we just leave everything alone and smile alot, we can just go on with our little utopia unchallenged. I'm not sure if our public school system or our media is more to blame for that disconnect. Perhaps it is just a way of life where we protect our children too much from harsh reality.

The phrase "freedom isn't free" was coined by the military who understands that concept as only those who pay the price could.

Maybe I do understand. Politics are about the almighty dollar for the most part, I hope you have been deployed on behalf of the remaining part. Only history will really know that answer, and maybe even then ...

I am personally grateful for those like you who know what you stand for, and remember you daily in my prayers.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous qp4 said...

I was always pegged Haji as both relentless and brave.

It's just for the most part he can't aim worth shit and doesn't bring the same amount of firepower to the game.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Zoe Brain said...

You know what your rant reminds me of? All those people who could see clear as day what was going down in Europe round 1940, and no-one in the US seemed to care.

I think you underestimate your country.

Easy enough to do, but those Jihadis (those that are still alive) might have a different view.

In any case, stay safe, the two of you, and Don't Forget To Duck.

All the best, Zoe

4:06 PM  

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