28 August 2006

The Mission of Insanity

So, we've had a lot of little things that need to be taken care of at TQ, but none of them by themselves justified a convoy there. They would get planned and get bumped and it just wasn't happening. So Top decides that we are doing a run and getting everything done at once. For the record, I'm tired of hearing about some of these things that have been an ongoing thorn in our side for months, so I'm glad we finally decided to do something about it.

First, we turned around three times because the OIC is special. She also didn't have her FBCB2 turned on, which baffles me.

Then when we got there, we spent hours looking for some of the places we had to go. TQ is a huge former Iraqi Air Force airbase, and some stuff is widely spread out, and all we had in some cases is 'you turn this stuff into XYZ unit at TQ'. Not even a phone number.

We had a hellacious sandstorm that hit as we pulled up to eat lunch, such that for a while you couldn't see the building 25 meters away. I love Iraqi weather.

Oh, and our truck was having mechanical 'issues' (overheating, fuel pump vapor lock) and then another truck broke down on the way back.

I had gotten off of a security mission at 2300 on Saturday, linked up for the mission at 0500, and we got back about 1930 or so.

No one got hurt or killed, but practically every thing else that could happen, did. On the plus side, I'm feeling a lot better now that I have had something to gripe about.

Even for Islam, this FOX reporter thing seems like Sketchy Theology .

Next major essay subject, Spain. Reconquista, a play in Three Acts.


Anonymous auxdarastrix said...

Actually, the attempted forced conversion of prisoners at sword point was not unheard of during Crusdades time, though most noble prisoners were simply held for ransom. The Templars, for example, were never ransomed, but given the option of apostating themselves or being executed on the spot. There was at least one case were a Templar did say the required formula (There is no god but Allah and Muhummad is his prophet). The knight was released and latter said he didn't know what the Arabic phrase meant. He was still booted from the order. Most Templars, however, ended up executed.

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