17 May 2006

Stuff I found on the Internet


Funny. Warped. VDH has a sense of humor.


Janet Karpinski encounter. God, what a disgrace to the uniform.

Unwilling Self-Negation (see sidebar) has an interesting discussion about Mecca and its centrality in Islam. He raises an interesting point about how the holder of Mecca automatically has a great deal of influence in Islam. And while the House of Saud is not who I think needs to be the standard-bearer of Islam, what alternatives are there? If the US just cut the Sauds loose, some loon who thinks they are too liberal and tolerant would end up in power in Arabia.


Blogger tychecat said...

Apropro of the Mecca agreement: Many years ago I was in school (American U in DC) with an Arab guy whose family were the traditional and current owners of The Church of the Holy Sepluchure in Jeresulem. It seems the Ottoman rulers in the 18th-19th century got impatient at the in-fighting among the Christian sects and got them to agree to a non-christian holding the keys to the door. As far as I know, the Israelis have kept the same agreement. Have you ever heard of this situation?

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