14 May 2006


So, we are running ranges to reconfirm zeros. This is a periodical thang we do from time to time. I get stuck out there with little to do since we are supposed to have an armorer on hand. I guess that is so that when a weapon breaks I can say, "Yep. It's broken. I need to get a part out of my workshop." Which is SO much better than having a Soldier bring a weapon back to my workshop from the range. It's not that bad, just pointless. And occasionally we get the Stupid Soldier Tricks which make my life a little more entertaining. But mostly I sit in a truck and read.

And we have been dinking around still with Change of Command issues, and repacking MILVANs that got left as a legacy of 3ACR (yes, it takes us 4 months to finish doing that). So I've been busy, but not with anything of any real interest. Mostly just getting hot and sweaty.

Reading my way through Bostom's Legacy of Jihad. Lots and lots of quotes from primary sources on the historical legacy of the institutions of Jihad, Dhimmi, Devrishime, etc. And tons of stuff from Muslim jurists and writers on these subjects. I'm digesting it, but sadly I'm not finding any real surprises.

I'm actually mildly amused by some pathetic trolling attempts in a comment section I commented in. If you are going to troll, stick to a message. Pick one, and stick to it. Don't bounce all over the place, contradicting yourself in your rush to be argumentative.

Another hint for effective trolling: Don't work yourself into such a frenzy that the humor value of watching you foam at the mouth is not greater than the irritation value of your trollery.

I find myself ignoring a lot of little stuff lately that would have gotten under my skin before. I have so much to be happy about. I have all the body parts I brought to Iraq. None of my buddies have been killed yet this time around. My wife is safe, healthy, happy, and getting back to school. My parents are in good health. Maybe this is some sort of reaction. I was crazy stressed out for the first few months I was here, worrying about everything under the sun. I guess there's a limit to how much one can stress about. And if you aren't shooting at me, you aren't going to register.


Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

You are so amazing, and I so don't deserve you. More precious than rubies, indeed!

You are my heart.

9:05 PM  

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